The More You Know, The More You Grow.

Our employees are more than just talented and dedicated. They’re great listeners and teachers, too. Knowledge sharing and communal support are the twin pillars of our highly successful mentoring program, FUEL. KSM’s mentors listen, offer advice, introduce employees to technical and practical issues and situations and encourage community involvement.

The mentoring process begins on day one and continues as long you like. Our only request is for you to change mentors every few years to gain new perspectives and build more connections inside the firm. We encourage you to pair up with someone who is not like you to develop a greater understanding of and appreciation for our many differences. We’ll help you. But the choice is always yours.

Through FUEL you’ll have the opportunity to continuously gain technical knowledge and skills, learn more about the firm’s markets and services and get a head start on forging a successful career path that’s right for you.

FUEL is comprised of three progressive stages.

FUEL begins with "The KSM Experience" – KSM's onboarding program – during which a new hire is assigned an "Ambassador" who will help with assimilation to the Firm’s culture, people and work. Typically the Ambassador is someone from the same work group who has been with the Firm for a few years and knows the ropes. In particular the Ambassador will help with:

  • Understanding the mission, structure and services of the Firm.
  • Making introductions, both in workgroups and across the Firm.
  • Facilitating answers to any questions along the way.

The Ambassador will stay connected throughout the first year and will touch base at least once a quarter to see how things are going, answer questions, share information and provide support; all aimed at facilitating stronger and faster acclimation to the Firm, role and culture. Of course our new hires are welcome to reach out more frequently as desired.