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2019 Indiana Manufacturing Survey: Labor Shortages Hit Home

State of Hoosier Manufacturing

2019 Survey Results

The results are in from the 2019 Indiana Manufacturing Survey: Labor Shortages Hit Home. They reveal that companies across the state are reporting a serious shortage of skilled and unskilled laborers as they move rapidly towards smart manufacturing, known as “Industry 4.0.”

Companies are substituting capital investments in technology for labor to partially satisfy the demand for skilled workers and to remain competitive. Even with this investment, 48% of employers say the number of jobs continues to increase at their organizations, and nearly two-thirds expect the number of skilled jobs to increase as a result of implementing new technologies and automation.

Overall, the survey suggests that the Hoosier manufacturing sector continues to see strong demand for their products. The obstacle of hiring skilled workers means there is a dependency, now more than ever, to improve operational efficiencies.

Katz, Sapper & Miller and Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business conduct the annual Indiana Manufacturing Survey, now in its 13th year, in partnership with the Indiana Manufacturers Association. Designed to provide insights into management choices made by manufacturing companies across Indiana, the annual survey offers a better understanding of current market trends and best practices in the following categories:

  • Economic and Financial Performance Metrics
  • Regulatory and Trade Concerns
  • Business Strategies and Industry 4.0
  • Workforce Issues


2022 Indiana
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