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2019 Indiana Legislative Update

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Hello, and welcome to KSM’s annual Legislative Update. You’ll find detail after detail about what legislative actions the 2019 Indiana General Assembly took in the world of tax and economic development. For example: 

  • Is Indiana moving to market-based sourcing for services? It is!
  • Did Indiana pass marketplace facilitator provisions that will impact companies that have to collect and remit sales tax? It did!
  • Were additional tweaks made to how federal tax reform affects Indiana? They were!
  • Did Indiana really raise the small business property tax exemption from $20,000 to $40,000? I know!  

These changes and more are covered in painstaking detail by our crack legislative and tax team. Find out what happened this session, when the new laws become effective, and who you can contact within the world of KSM to find out more about how these legislative changes might affect your business, community, or maybe even you personally. 

Happy reading!

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