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litigation services

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Because litigation often involves complicated financial and tax issues, many cases require the collection and analysis of accounting, financial, statistical, and economic information. The professionals within Katz, Sapper & Miller’s Litigation Services Group offer specialized, investigative research and analytical skills, as well as financial, business, and tax knowledge. We serve as expert witnesses and consultants in the litigation process – from discovery through trial and briefings or settlement.

Our experts analyze financial records, prepare damages claims, critique opposition expert reports, assist with witness preparation, and provide expert witness testimony. Our firm’s multidisciplinary approach, drawing upon our team’s in-depth experience across all industries, enables us to develop a litigation strategy that can stand up to the strongest scrutiny.

KSM has a comprehensive knowledge base helping clients to prepare and interpret damages analyses. Let us help you simplify the complexities of commercial litigation.  

Our services include:

  • Commercial disputes — lost profits and/or unjust enrichment
  • Causation damage quantification
  • Insurance damages — business interruption claims
  • Intellectual property infringement — reasonable royalty/lost profits quantification
  • Lost earnings/future income calculations
  • Financial modeling/economic analysis
  • Mitigating damages
  • Litigation support and expert testimony
  • Post-acquisition disputes
  • Forensic accounting/fraud investigation
  • Transaction tracing
  • Discovery request assistance
  • Trial demonstrative preparation
  • Valuations