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Research Tax Credit

Startup Companies: Can the R&D Payroll Tax Credit Help You?

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For many startup companies, the first several years of business can be a period of heavy research and development (R&D) activity, as the founders work to bring the business’ products or processes to market. Unfortunately, this period is also often marked by heavy expenses and minimal revenue, resulting in operating losses for the company. Even the most successful startup business may take several years before it is able to finally show a net taxable profit.
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Contractors: Maximize Your Research Investment

Posted 1:00 PM by
Many taxpayers have heard of the research tax credit (also known as the R&D credit), which may conjure up images of scientists in an experimental laboratory. However, the research tax credit (research credit) casts a much wider net. There are many other activities that may qualify for the credit, including those commonly performed in the construction industry.
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How to Capture Research Tax Credit for Internal-Use Software

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Late last year, the IRS issued final regulations providing rules for taxpayers who develop their own internal-use software and want to claim a research tax credit (research credit). These changes, initially proposed in 2015, were highly anticipated. But little is known about how to take full advantage of the credit since the new rules were released.
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