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Indiana Manufacturers: Attracting the Millennial Manufacturing Workforce

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Indianapolis is looking to lure manufacturers back downtown. Why? The answer is simple: Manufacturers will find more of the technically skilled workers they are looking for in the city than in rural areas.
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The Rise of the Dollar: A Good Deal for Manufacturers?

Posted 7:35 PM by
The steady rise of the U.S. dollar has been the source of much conversation in the past few months. The reason for the increased value is twofold: domestic growth and an economic decline abroad. Last year, the United States added three million new jobs, fuel prices declined sharply and the United States produced more oil within its borders than ever before. During that same period, Europe and Japan saw declines in currency values and slowed economic growth.
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U.S. and Mexico Considered Low-Cost Manufacturing “Rising Stars”

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According to a recent article in The Economist, “When cheap is not so cheap,” the U.S. and Mexico are becoming more price-competitive as global manufacturing options.
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Manufacturers Are Asking, “Where Did the Skilled Workers Go?”

Posted 8:30 PM by
According to a recent Wall Street Journal MarketWatch article, the number of jobs being filled in the U.S. each month is lagging behind an increase in job openings for the first time in more than a decade. Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T, says, “The main issue that businesses face today is a skillset mismatch.” The jobs that seem to be most lacking in qualified workers are those requiring technical skills in the math and science fields.
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