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State & Local Tax Update: Indiana Increases Business Personal Property Tax Exemption

Posted 12:05 PM by
As is the case after every legislative session, taxpayers will see gains and losses. When it comes to business personal property tax in Indiana, taxpayers will certainly gain.
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Property Tax Changes for 2016

Posted 12:00 PM by
Significant legislative changes were made to Indiana property taxes in 2015, many of which should be considered when planning for 2016. For a complete list of updates, view the property tax overview in KSM’s 2015 Legislative Update.
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Potential Changes to Personal Property Tax Reporting for Manufacturers

Posted 7:03 PM by
Property taxes are getting a lot of attention in this year’s Indiana legislative session. KSM’s State and Local Tax Practice is tracking a handful of bills under consideration that could affect manufacturers specifically, including SB 436, which is a proposed reduction of the so-called 30% floor for personal property tax reporting.
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