2019 HFMA Tri-State 2019 Conference

Date:Sept. 13, 2019 
Location:Belterra Casino Resort
777 Belterra Drive
Florence, IN 47020

Katz, Sapper & Miller’s Lisa Curry and Brad Reay will present at the 2019 Healthcare Financial Management Association Tri-State Conference. Taking place on Sept. 13 in Florence, IN, the conference will equip healthcare financial managers with the tools they need to sharpen their skills, expand their horizons for the future, and successfully lead their teams.

Curry and Reay, both directors in KSM’s Healthcare Resources Group, will host a session called “Physician Integration Trends and Best Practices,” which will cover how hospitals and physician groups have been partnering together in a number of different ways to streamline costs while increasing the breadth and quality of their services. The session will explain how integration models have changed as a result of healthcare reform, the latest trends in physician integration, and the best practices in today’s culture. Curry and Reay will also discuss reimbursement trends and their impacts, compliance monitoring and management, the impact of private equity investment in healthcare practices, and more.

The conference, which will join members from the Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio HFMA chapters, will cover a range of other topics, including gracious leadership, using psychographic segmentation to increase patient engagement, and transforming the innovative revenue cycle of the future.

To learn more or register, visit the conference website.