Veterinary Profit & Value Enhancement Conference

Date:August 17 - 19, 2016
Location: Hyatt Regency Indianapolis
1 S. Capitol Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Katz, Sapper & Miller’s Veterinary Services Group will present at the Veterinary Profit & Value Enhancement Conference, held from August 17-19 at the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis.

Hosted by Veterinary Study Groups, Inc., the two-day event will focus on key veterinary practice management issues, including profit improvement, marketing and the importance of client experience. Seasoned professionals in the veterinary services industry will share best practices to help attendees increase hospital revenue and enhance the long-term value of their veterinary practices.

This conference will address a wide variety of topics, including:

Veterinary Hospital Financial Benchmarks: National Trends that Lead to Profitability

During this session, attendees will review global practice statistics and will gain a greater understanding of how to interpret their numbers and devise strategies to increase growth. Owners and DVMs will also hear about the latest issues and trends in veterinary practices – such as generational issues, corporate consolidation, online competition and low-cost competition.

Compiling Your Hospital's KPIs into an Effective Management Tool

This session will demystify and simplify key performance indicators (KPIs) and will teach owners and DVMs how to implement them to better gauge hospital performance. Attendees will learn how KPIs can be used as a benchmarking tool, to help identify areas for hospital improvement and to track hospital strategies and goals.

Financial Statements: A DVM’s Guide to Reviewing and Interpreting the Numbers

Going beyond the basics of financial statements, this session will get to the heart of the matter – why a fundamental understanding of financial statements will help ensure a hospital’s well-being. Topics covered will include which method of accounting to use, valuable ways to read financials, how to use financials as a measure of progress toward goals and more.

Protecting from Theft, Fraud or Embezzlement

Many veterinary hospitals lack sufficient staff to divide the duties required to protect their business from theft or embezzlement. So how can you protect a hospital itself against theft? This session will outline processes hospitals can implement to prevent theft, fraud and embezzlement by giving the appearance of additional oversight.

Veterinary Business Valuations

At one point or another, veterinary hospitals will need a valuation. Important for owners and DVMs of all practices, this session will identify critical issues to consider, explain what information will be requested, which demographics will be studied, and which contracts will be reviewed.

How to Prepare a Budget

Budgets can benefit a practice in many different ways — from being able to anticipate problems and make continuous improvements to enabling sound financial decisions and establishing accountability. A sample DVM budget, accounting for all the categories and types of expenses an animal hospital would encounter, will be shared with attendees, giving them a template for implementing a budget in their own practice.