Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum (ICLEF) Seminar: Knowing the Value of Your Business

Date:July 17, 2012
Time:1:00 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.
Location: ICLEF Conference Facility - 230 E. Ohio Street, 5th floor, Indianapolis, IN 46204
Format:In-Person Presentation or Live Webcast

In the nearly 50 years since ICLEF's founding, there has been tremendous increase in the complexity and intricacy of the practice of law.

ICLEF is at the forefront of providing high quality, relevant and timely continuing legal education opportunities to Indiana attorneys located not only in Indiana, but around the world.

Dan Rosio of KSM’s Valuation Services Group will co-present a seminar on Knowing the Value of Your Business. 

To view the full seminar agenda, register for the in-person event, or the live webcast, please visit the ICLEF website.