KSM Executive Roundtable




Date:June 13, 2012
Time:7:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
Location: Katz, Sapper & Miller
800 E. 96th Street, Suite 400
Indianapolis, IN 46240
Format:  Roundtable Discussion
Speakers: Kevin Kushman, Rob Wiley and Charlie Brandt

How to Create & Successfully Maintain Strategic Partnerships

According to an Economist magazine report, more than 75 percent of chief executives in telecom, media and technology industries rated partnerships as IMPORTANT or even CRITICAL to their businesses. The same report, however, warned that some 60-70 percent of such corporate alliances fail, and that unsuccessful partnerships waste time and damage relationships which can lose money, reputation and people.

On the other hand, successful strategic partnerships open new doors for the partners, conserve resources, and generate higher profits when they avoid the obvious pitfalls. Join us Wednesday, June 13, at the KSM Executive Roundtable, for an in-depth discussion about structuring and implementing strategic partnerships.

This quarterly series, hosted by Katz, Sapper & Miller, KSM Consulting and TechPoint, focuses on major issues that high-tech CEOs are facing and offers information that cannot be easily found elsewhere. The free exchange format with other qualified CEOs makes this event as valuable as it is unique.

The roundtable is limited to a small, manageable group size, and only CEOs or executive managers from technology- or knowledge-based firms are invited to attend. This ensures that discussions are narrowly focused to provide optimal value for our invited guests.

Please contact Elizabeth Anderson at 317.275.2080 or if you would like to request an invitation.