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A Guide to Best Practices for Veterinary Hospitals

Volume 4

A Guide to Best Practices was created by our Veterinary Services Group with a single objective in mind: helping you run a healthy, efficient, and profitable veterinary hospital.

This latest installment includes articles that address key issues pertaining to the well-being of your practice:

  • Selling Your Hospital? Weigh Your Options.
  • DVMs Wanted: 9 Ways to Recruit Top Talent
  • What Today's Vets Are Seeking
  • Raising the Standard: What a New Chart of Accounts Means for You

If we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear more about the challenges you and your hospital face. Click the "Want to Talk?" tab on our veterinary page to schedule your complimentary call.

Meet the Team

Terry O'Neil, CPA, CVA

Terry O’Neil is the partner-in-charge of KSM's Veterinary Services Group. Terry helps veterinary hospitals grow by providing them business, financial, and tax advice.

Beth Scott, CPA

Beth Scott is a director in KSM's Veterinary Services Group. From financial statement analysis to key performance indicator reports, Beth works with clients to provide actionable solutions to their complex business challenges. 

Ali Todd, CPA

Ali Todd is a director in KSM's Veterinary Services Group. Ali works closely with clients to understand their challenges and provide practical solutions, whether it is tax planning or creating an action plan for enhancing profits.

About Katz, Sapper & Miller

Few firms can rival Katz, Sapper & Miller’s detailed understanding of the veterinary industry — or our dedication to optimizing each client’s profitability. Like you, our highly trained specialists are knowledgeable and caring.

KSM’s veterinary services team provides consulting and accounting services to veterinary hospitals across the country, making us one of the most specialized firms in the nation.


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