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Katz, Sapper & Miller's professionals are leaders in their respective fields in part because they willingly share their knowledge.  Please browse the headlines below to read their insights on best practices for various services and industries.

What Is Your Trucking Company Worth?
Kentucky Trucker, Winter 2014

Using an ESOP as an Ownership Transition Strategy in Professional Services Firms
The CPA Journal, April 2014

The Showroom, July/August 2013

BHPH Corner – IRS Audit Issues for Buy Here – Pay Here Dealers 
The Showroom, May/June 2013

Can Lane Departure and Other Safety Systems Improve Business?
Stoops – The Magazine, April/May 2013

Updated Proposed Accounting Rules for Leases
Vehicle Leasing Today – First Quarter 2013

Exploring the Benefits of a Board of Advisors
Stoops – The Magazine, December 2012/January 2013

BHPH Corner – Tax Impact of the Re-Election of President Obama and the Democratic Senate Majority
The Showroom, November/December 2012

Multi-State Taxation for Interstate Carriers
Stoops  The Magazine, October/November 2012

BHPH Corner – Current Issues in the Buy Here – Pay Here Industry
The Showroom, September/October 2012

Understanding of Loan Covenants Deemed Critical
Stoops  The Magazine, August/September 2012

BHPH Corner - What’s Keeping You Up at Night in the BHPH Industry?
The Showroom, May/June 2012

BHPH Corner
The Showroom, March/April 2012

Freight Network Optimization Leads to Profitability
Stoops - The Magazine, March/April 2012

BHPH Corner - Embedded Warranty/Extended Service Contract
The Showroom, January/February 2012

BHPH Corner - Considering Lease Here - Pay Here
The Showroom, November/December 2011

BHPH Corner - Static Pool 101
The Showroom, September/October 2011

Every Trucking Company Needs More Problem Solvers
Stoops  The Magazine, June/July 2011

BHPH Corner - 2011 National Conference for Buy Here Pay Here
The Showroom, May/June 2011