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State & Local Tax Update - 8/20/13

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Property Tax Alert – Indiana

Notice of property assessments issued by Hamilton County
Hamilton County notice of property assessments were mailed July 26, 2013. This fact is significant, especially if you own commercial property in Hamilton County and it is over-assessed. As soon as tax bills or notice of assessments are mailed, the appeal clock begins. Indiana allows 45 days from the date of the mailing for a property owner to appeal the assessed value.

This means the deadline to appeal your Hamilton County commercial property tax assessment is Sept. 9, 2013.


We are frequently asked by clients if there is a quick way to determine if their commercial property is over-assessed. Our response is, "Could you sell this property for this amount?" If the answer is "no," then there is a good chance it is over-assessed. This also means there is a good chance you can appeal the assessment.

We encourage you to visit our appeal calculator to determine approximately how much potential savings a successful appeal could save you.

An even more reliable way to determine if your commercial property has been over-assessed is to take advantage of Katz, Sapper & Miller's free property tax review services. If such an opportunity exists, our property tax team can assist commercial property owners through the appeals process.

If you are interested in a free review, please contact KSM's property tax leader, Chad Miller at 317.580.2058 or