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State & Local Tax Update - 3/23/12

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Indiana Tornado Victims Assistance:  The Indiana Department of Revenue (IDOR) has provided answers to potential questions from individual and business taxpayers in counties affected by recent tornados. Taxpayer issues addressed include return filing and refunds, lost records, payment coupons and registered retail merchant certificates, and obtaining a copy of a state return to verify income. The IDOR will make every effort to work with business taxpayers that live in an area affected by severe weather and that are unable to make payment on their bills at this time in coming to a reasonable agreement for payment on a case by case basis. Contact the IDOR at 317.233.5212 to discuss with an IDOR representative.

Louisiana No Longer Accepts Federal Extension: Effective March 20, 2012, the Louisiana Department of Revenue (LDR) adopted emergency amendments to an administrative rule that govern the procedure for obtaining individual income tax return filing extensions, and corporation income and franchise tax return filing extensions. The amended rules provide that taxpayers seeking to obtain a return filing extension must request the extension by submitting a paper copy or an electronic application. The LDR no longer accepts a federal extension to file as an extension to file the Louisiana tax return. This change applies to tax returns due on or after January 1, 2012.

Nebraska Issues Guidance for Construction Contractors: The Nebraska Department of Revenue (NDR) has released a presentation on taxes for construction contractors that has been prepared by the NDR staff. The presentation: (1) provides an overview of sales and use tax laws; (2) discusses the contractor database that is used for purposes of determining whether taxes must be withheld from contractors; (3) discusses sharing of information between the Department of Labor and the NDR for purposes of determining whether persons hired are contractors or employees; (4) explains the terms “construction contractors,” “contractor labor,” “building materials” and “fixtures”; (5) explains the taxability of transactions for Option 1, Option 2 and Option 3 contractors; (6) discusses the taxability of contracts with exempt entities; (7) explains the taxability of building materials and fixtures that are used on job sites outside Nebraska; and (8) explains the taxability of the repair or annexation of exempt manufacturing machinery and equipment. See the Fact Sheet for more information.

Texas to Offer Amnesty Program:  Texas has announced Project Fresh Start, a limited tax amnesty program under which penalties and interest will be waived for taxpayers that file delinquent tax reports and pay all taxes due, or amend reports that underreported taxes and pay the taxes due. Reports originally due before April 1, 2012, are eligible for the program. The amnesty period runs from June 12 through August 17, 2012. For details on eligibility and the application procedure, see