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State & Local Tax Update - 2/3/12

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Indiana Use Tax Not Due on Promotional Items: An Indiana corporation was not liable for use tax on items it manufactured and pulled from its inventory in Indiana for use as promotional items in other states because the items were only temporarily stored in Indiana for subsequent use outside Indiana. The items were consumed in the course of demonstrations at non-Indiana locations. The products did not return to Indiana. This is temporary storage for use outside Indiana and does not constitute storage subject to Indiana use tax. See LOF 04-20110134 for more information.

Connecticut To Issue Debit Cards for Refunds: The CT Department of Revenue Services will issue personal income tax refunds in the form of debit cards, rather than checks, to taxpayers who do not use direct deposit. DRS has contracted with JP Morgan Chase to administer the debit card program. Taxpayers will have to call Chase to activate the card and select a PIN. The debit card can be used at ATMs; banks and credit unions displaying the VISA logo; gas stations and retail locations that accept VISA. If the taxpayer does not activate the debit card within 365 days, the debit card account will be closed and the available balance will be returned to DRS. If the debit card is activated and a balance remains, after the 12th consecutive month of inactivity (365 consecutive days of inactivity), Chase will begin charging an inactivity fee of $1.00 per month. Visit the FAQs for more information on the program.

Kentucky Requires Estimates of Nonresident Withholding for 2012: Effective for taxable years beginning after December 31, 2011, every pass-through entity required to withhold Kentucky income tax will be required to make a declaration and pay estimated tax if : (1) the nonresident individual owner's tax liability can reasonably be expected to exceed $500; and/or (2) a corporate owner doing business in Kentucky only through its ownership interest in a pass-through entity has a tax liability that can reasonably be expected to exceed $5,000. When withholding on the distributable share income of nonresident individuals, estates, trusts and corporations, no withholding is made for partners or members that are pass-through entities. The distributive share income will continue to pass through as Kentucky source income requiring withholding at each level of each pass-through entity of multiple tier structures. Therefore, withholding, as well as the calculation to determine if an entity is required to make declaration payments, will be at each level of the structure using only the nonresident individual and corporations doing business in Kentucky only through their ownership interest in the pass-through entity. Trusts and estates are entities treated as individuals and are included in the withholding requirement. See KY Tax Alert 1 for additional information.