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Profitable Solutions for Nonprofits - Winter 2014

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In This Issue:

Tips for Communicating Financial Information to the Board
While board members typically bring a variety of talents and expertise to an organization, they do not always have extensive experience with financial and accounting matters. So what is the best way to communicate the essential financial information they need to effectively serve the organization? By Peter A. Buck, CPA

Is It Time for Software as a Service?
Nonprofits increasingly are following the path of for-profits and shunning traditional software arrangements for “software as a service” (SaaS) provided over the Internet for a monthly fee. The potential benefits make SaaS worth considering for nonprofits of all sizes, but some caveats are in order. By Matt Snively, CPA, CIA

Managing Staff: How to Treat the Real Gems of an Organization
The lagging economy of the past few years has caused many companies to make certain cuts and sacrifices, and nonprofit organizations are feeling these same pressures as well. Organizations have had to freeze wages or award minimum pay increases all while asking employees to take on new responsibilities. By D. Mark Barnhart, CPC, CERS

A New Jersey court of appeals held that a charity that solicited and accepted a gift from a donor – knowing the donor’s expressed purpose for the gift was to fund a particular aspect of the charity’s mission – must return the gift, after it had unilaterally decided not to honor the purpose.


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