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Profitable Solutions for Nonprofits - Fall 2013

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In This Issue:

How to Choose the Right Investment Manager
Finding the right investment advisor or manager for an organization starts with identifying a pool of qualified candidates with proven track records and requesting detailed proposals on how they would manage the investments. Experience working with nonprofit endowments is the key. By Scott A. Schuster, CPA

What to Expect When the IRS Comes Knocking
Understanding the details of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reviews can help reduce an organization’s risk of running into trouble. By Casse L. Tate, CPA, MS

Board Meetings: Time to Go Virtual?
Regularly scheduled board meetings are necessary, but not every meeting has to be conducted in person. Periodic virtual board meetings – ranging from conference calls to videoconferencing – can offer significant benefits for both organizations and their board members. By Peter A. Buck, CPA

A report from the Aspen Institute encourages Congress to require the IRS to make Form 990 data “open” – available to all free of charge in a standard format, published without proprietary conditions and available online as a bulk download. To do so, Congress would need to require nonprofits to file their forms electronically.


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