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Biernat Presents Webinar on Fair Market Value of Compensation – Appraisal Theory and Applications

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Recently Randy Biernat presented “Fair Market Value of Compensation – Appraisal Theory and Applications” in a webinar sponsored by the CPA Leadership Institute and National CPA Health Care Advisors Association. Randy’s presentation addressed both the regulatory aspect of compensation valuation and the actual preparation of fair market value analyses for a variety of common arrangements.

Highlights of his presentation included:

  • Healthcare Market Overview
  • Overview of Common Hospital-Physician Arrangements
  • Appraisal Process Overview
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Common Methodologies
  • Case Studies

The webinar was attended by valuation and healthcare professionals looking to expand their knowledge regarding current valuation theory and application in compensation issues; and hospital financial managers involved in transactional matters.

To purchase the full recording of the webinar, visit the program website.