Our Employees Learn from the Best – Each Other!

Katz, Sapper & Miller employees aren’t just great workers. They’re great teachers. We get it. In fact, that’s the foundation of our successful mentoring programs, which start on your very first day at KSM. Our mentoring programs provide great opportunities for our employees to gain technical knowledge and skills, learn more about the firm’s markets and services, and develop a career path of their own. Mentors listen, give advice, introduce employees to technical and practical issues, and encourage community involvement.

There are three progressive stages of mentoring at KSM that may continue throughout your career:

Ambassador Program
The Ambassador Program is designed to help a new staff member quickly acclimate to the firm’s structure, operations and culture. New hires are introduced to a KSM Ambassador – who is available during their first 90 days of employment – to answer questions, address concerns and explain the general mechanics of the firm. Ambassadors typically have similar educational, professional or personal backgrounds as the staff members to whom they are assigned.

Work Group Mentoring Program
The Work Group Mentoring Program picks up at day 90 and is designed to help employees gain a deeper understanding of their particular function, including the work, processes, personalities of their work group, as well as how this group collaborates with other KSM groups and functions. This involves pairing up the new staff member with someone in their work group who will remain a critical resource throughout their first year with the firm.

Career Development Mentoring Program
The Career Development Mentoring Program is the third component of our mentoring program and is designed to provide ongoing guidance with respect to the staff member's professional (and personal) goals, skill development, and career path at KSM. After one year with the firm, the staff member will be asked for his or her mentor choices, and then we will help facilitate this relationship. Mentors at this stage are typically partners or directors who can help the staff member navigate the channels and personalities of KSM. They will help build lasting relationships and good career decisions.