Certified Public Accountants

Learning & Development

expand your knowledge. advance your career.

There’s no limit to learning. It’s a lifelong pursuit. We get it. That’s why Katz, Sapper & Miller actively supports every employee’s efforts to advance their careers and further their leadership development skills.

Our Learning and Development Program centers around the idea that ambition should be rewarded and that knowledge knows no bounds. The program offers a collection of initiatives designed to promote continually improved competence, forge professional connections, and inspire new learning experiences.

Individual growth and professional development go hand-in-hand. We understand that making our employees stronger makes our firm stronger. It also ensures every employee has the chance to realize his or her full potential. We get it, and we believe you should expect nothing less.

In fact, we have spent significant time building a road map that defines the competencies, skills and experiences you will need to move from one level to the next, from one industry to the other, or even from one discipline to the other. We've also created a learning curriculum to help you.

So come travel with us. You will be amazed at the possibilities.