Leadership Program

Give Us a Day. It Might Just Change Your Life.

College doesn’t last forever. The question is what happens after graduation? A career in public accounting could be the answer. 

The accounting profession is filled with exciting possibilities. You’ll make a difference in people’s lives, be exposed to a wide range of industries, earn a respectable living, and enjoy great colleagues. 

Our Gateways leadership program was created to help college students like you explore a career in public accounting. If you’re looking for an overview of the profession, personal and professional development, and action steps you can take to prepare for a career in this exciting field, this is the place to start. It might just change your life.

The Gateways program is a comprehensive, two-day seminar that enables interested sophomores and juniors to travel further into the world of public accounting and determine the next steps in pursuing a career in this exciting field. Learn more >