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Supreme Court Rules States Can Collect Online Sales Tax

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In a 5-4 decision today, the Supreme Court turned the sales tax world on its head by overturning South Dakota v. Wayfair. The decision reverses decades of history related to sales tax nexus and a retailer’s obligation to collect and remit tax when it sold its products across state lines. Disavowing the old physical presence standard established by Quill, the high court’s ruling now opens the door for states to impose an economic nexus standard when it comes to sales tax collection responsibilities.
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State & Local Tax Update: New York’s Response to Tax Reform

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The 2018 New York State legislative session is well underway. The New York State Assembly’s biggest accomplishment thus far is the March 30 passage of the state’s 2018-19 budget bill (S07509C), which was then signed into law April 12, 2018, by Gov. Cuomo. While this budget bill provides some guidance on New York’s stance relating to the changes made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) (Public Law 115-97, 12/22/2017), the assembly’s budget bill ultimately came short in responding to several TCJA issues.
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State & Local Tax Update: 5/25/18

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The Kentucky legislature recently passed significant tax law changes with House Bill 366 and House Bill 487, including an overhaul to much of Kentucky’s corporate tax system and addressing the state’s conformity to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. These bills broaden Kentucky’s tax base through various income and sales tax provisions and introduce a flat income tax rate.
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