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Potential Changes to Personal Property Tax Reporting for Manufacturers

Posted 7:03 PM by
Property taxes are getting a lot of attention in this year’s Indiana legislative session. KSM’s State and Local Tax Practice is tracking a handful of bills under consideration that could affect manufacturers specifically, including SB 436, which is a proposed reduction of the so-called 30% floor for personal property tax reporting.
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‘Grow Your Restaurant’ Podcast: John Benjamin of Scotty’s Brewhouse

Posted 12:00 PM by
John Benjamin, president of operations at Scotty’s Brewhouse in Indiana, joins us to discuss best practices for controlling food cost and generating profit.
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Five Things to Do Before a Sales Tax Audit

Posted 7:48 PM by
Sales and use tax audits can be painful, especially for small and mid-sized businesses. For the unprepared, these audits shed light on areas of noncompliance and, more often than not, end with an assessment. Here are five proactive tips to ease the pain before you receive the dreaded audit notification:
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