manufacturing's renaissance

The results from the 2013 Indiana Manufacturing Survey: Manufacturing's Renaissance reveal an often unnoticed but growing renaissance is underway in Hoosier (and American) manufacturing. See why.

Nearly 80% of respondents over the last two annual surveys describe their businesses as 'healthy' or 'stable' – a strong rebound from the dismal days of 2009-2010, when nearly half used the term 'challenged' to characterize their operations.

Other key findings reveal:

  • More than 70% of Hoosier manufacturers are actively investing in capital and labor again, while less than 5% are continuing to cut costs across the board.
  • The pro-investment attitude of Indiana manufacturers comes in the face of worries about the federal regulatory climate, concerns over global competition, and a pragmatic outlook about the potential for market growth.
  • Manufacturers are willing to spend on superior product design, logistics and customer service to compete even in an uncertain economy.
  • Human capital continues to be a major obstacle confronting Indiana manufacturers.

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In the coming weeks, Professors Mark Frohlich and Steve Jones of Indiana University's Kelley School of Business – Indianapolis will discuss the findings of the 2013 Indiana Manufacturing Survey results.

Until then, here's a refresher course on last year's report.

2013 Indiana Manufacturing Survey
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